About Lisa Petker Mintz

I enter the studio daily, my work clothes soiled and worn, I look around at the paintings in various states of completion to determine the next decision. There are 10-20 pieces in progress on the studio walls, some older pieces that have been pushed, for now beyond conclusion, humbling, but the knowledge I gained from pushing these paintings beyond their limits and mine, invaluable. Some are small experimental pieces to learn about materials and new imagery. Some are waiting the final gluing, as I struggle to face the toxic fumes and difficult process of adhering different materials to the surface. Others are bright new beginnings, drawings hinting of the new work to come, and others are waiting to be completed with clear direction, but others wait because the process to achieve completion is tedious. I formulate a plan and begin working.

Painting is a solitary act; the only guidance is determination and a willingness to work daily to formulate the next step, propelling me forward; seeking answers to questions I cannot articulate. The basic drive is always the same to make something new. Striving for originality in the work is critical. I cannot always formulate into words what I am looking for. A series starts with a desire to express an idea and develops from there. I am always searching for answers. Fresh insights come from, artist monographs, biographies, autobiographies, any writing on art such as the Complete Writings of Robert Motherwell, Sean Scully, David Salle, Louise Bourgeois Fabric Works and trolling the internet. I look at art constantly in the Museums and the Galleries always on the hunt to see something in person, fueling my passion to create. I focus on German Painters, such as Albert Oehlen, Charline Von Heyl and the master Sigma Polke, but honestly I am seduced by whatever show I have seen last, Cecily Brown, Pat Steir, David Hockney to name a few.

When people view my art I want them to see it as a cohesive painting, while reflecting on the beauty, composition, movement, and magic that happened as well. I hope they discover something new each time they view it.

My drive and determination has carried me since art school, coming from humble beginnings my parents sacrificed so I could achieve my dream. I attended Parsons School of Design, where I was fortunate to receive a brilliant education with the finest instructors. It has been 30 years since I graduated. Since then I have exhibited extensively in the Metropolitan and Florida area, while leading a traditional Suburban life, raising a family but continuing my artistic journey as well. I was privileged to have exhibited at the Islip Arts Museum, alongside many of my lifelong idols, such as Elizabeth Murray, Helen Frankenthaler, Cecily Brown, and Swoon to name a few. I also have been fortunate to show at Denise Bibro Fine Arts and George Billis Gallery in Chelsea.

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